Five ORM tools to build powerful PR strategies

Conversations about your brand in this vastly digital world have become of prime importance more than ever now. It can be gauged simply from the fact that your reputation rests on the perception of the people. This in turn affects what they say about your brand and eventually their decision to associate with you.

A good PR strategy aids in identifying the right target audience, the media as well as the influencers who connect you with the consumers. Here is where Online Reputation Management (ORM) steps in. 

Listed below are five easy-to-use ORM tools that aid you in listening, analysing, and driving conversations that impact your brand.

Radian 6

A monitoring tool used to track brand mentions on the web, including social media. It helps track user conversations and accurately assess their sentiments across social channels. This in turn helps engage in relevant conversations. It’s an effective solution for business if you have an extremely active social media profile with numerous managers handling your account and multiple campaigns being run across at any given time. 


Integrating this tool into social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter enhances seamless and effective listening and analysing, leading to engaged users online. Apart from that, it can also be used to assess the effectiveness of any online campaign. From listening to users to engaging them, it has in-depth vernacular coverage with sentiment analysis as well as smartbots, that help you build a stronger reputation through response management. 


A web and social media monitoring tool with a reputation management dashboard that deserves a special mention, because it allows you to see all the relevant information at a glance. The company has recently launched an AI analyst ‘Iris’ which can effectively deep dive to the origin of an online conversation and provide in-depth insights as to why there has been an increase. This occurs by deep-diving right into the post, article, video, thread or even a hashtag. Whether the buzz is around the brand, product, service or a campaign, issues and opportunities are spotted as soon as they appear. A conversation generated by a negative tweet will be efficiently detected as they arise. If any story around your brand goes viral, Iris will have a logical reasoning. 


A tool that mines online opinion by combining AI and human intelligence to accurately scour social media for public opinion. With it, companies can directly engage with individuals on a public platform. It measures organic conversations in a multitude of languages too. As a listening tool, the crowd of human contributors identify the specific issues that drive public sentiment so that brands can take strategic and operational actions. 


With UberVU, real time data analysis of all of the web based social networking can be leveraged from trends, stories or influencers, which means one can sit back and let UberVU do all the heavy lifting. It’s simple, easy to set up and the insights can ultimately be used to direct social media engagement. It has the ability to identify location and demographic that is driving a particular sentiment and this knowledge can then be used to mitigate risks.

The survival of any organisation that aims to be successful largely depends on its reputation. Building it takes time and leaving it to chance can lead to crisis. It is imperative to monitor your reputation as well as react promptly to avoid crises. Hence, to elevate and maintain your brand perception it is crucial to have ORM integrated as a part of an overall PR strategy.

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Asif Upadhye
Director at SPRD
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