Ginger up your life with lifetime learning and experiences

Growing up, my summer vacations were not just about lazy days spent lounging around the house. Instead, they were filled with lessons taught to me by my mother, who had a unique and unconventional approach to teaching me life skills. Rather than just lecturing me on theory, my mother believed in giving me hands-on experiences that would help me truly understand and appreciate the skills she was teaching me.

One of the most important skills I learned from my mother was cooking. But instead of spending my time hovering over a hot stove, I spent my days selecting the freshest vegetables and the most flavorful spices. My mother taught me that cooking is not just about following a recipe or mastering a technique, but about understanding and appreciating the ingredients that go into each dish.

Through this experiential approach to learning, I developed a deep love and appreciation for cooking. I learned how to create flavorful dishes using simple ingredients, and how to adapt recipes to suit my own taste preferences. And most importantly, I learned that cooking is not just a skill, but a creative and joyful experience that can bring people together and nourish both body and soul.

Finding a Perfect Ginger

My mother, blended psychology and bio-science to many things I learnt from her—so, there was a scientific reasoning and behavioral implications to everything I learnt from her. One such intense learning was around finding the perfect Ginger. A popular spice used in many different cuisines and dishes around the world. It has a distinctive flavor and aroma that can add depth and complexity to a variety of recipes. No one can take away the medicinal benefits of Ginger, and how a dash of ginger add a flavor to many drinks!

But beyond its culinary, aesthetics and medicinal uses, ginger can also serve as a useful analogy for understanding the importance of perfecting one’s skills—and that’s what my mother intend to tell me than perfecting the nodes of ginger buds!

Just like how ginger is a complex spice that requires careful cultivation, harvesting, and preparation to bring out its full flavor, perfecting a skill also requires a similar level of attention and dedication. One of the key aspects of perfecting a skill is understanding the nuances and subtleties involved in its execution. Just as there are different varieties of ginger with distinct flavors and characteristics, each skill has its own unique aspects that must be mastered in order to achieve excellence. This might involve developing a keen sense of timing, understanding the right techniques and tools to use, or learning how to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions.

Another important factor in perfecting a skill is persistence. Just as a farmer must tend to their ginger crops over time, providing the necessary nutrients and care to ensure healthy growth and optimal flavor, an individual must be willing to put in the hours of practice and study required to truly master their chosen skill.

Perhaps most importantly, perfecting a skill requires a willingness to learn and adapt over time. Just as ginger farmers must be constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches in order to achieve the best possible results, individuals seeking to perfect their skills must be open to new ideas and perspectives, and willing to incorporate feedback and constructive criticism into their practice. This might involve seeking out mentors or other experts in the field, attending workshops or training sessions, or simply remaining curious and engaged with the latest developments and innovations in their area of interest.

Ultimately, the analogy of perfect ginger can be a powerful reminder of the importance of dedication, persistence, and continuous learning when it comes to perfecting one’s skills.

Looking back on those summer vacations, I realise how much my mother’s unconventional approach to teaching has shaped the person I am today. I have come to appreciate the value of hands-on learning. And most importantly, I have learned that the most meaningful lessons in life often come not from books or lectures, but from the experiences we have and the people we meet along the way.

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Priti Setia
Priti is a digital reputation strategist with around two decades of experience. She is an eclectic, and draws inspiration from nature and people. Eclecticism, shapes her approach, guides her choices and fuels her ideas. A PR strategist by choice, and a marketer by heart

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