How communication helps brands in India

Lately in India, there has been a surge in the number of homegrown Indian brands and some of them have managed to secure that position in the face of overwhelming global and local competition. Home-grown brands certainly have a wider reach, better recall and most of the domestic brands in India have improved their consumer reach point score much better as compared with the brands owned by the multinational companies. Fashion needs innovation, and there has always been an increase in demand for new trends across the country. Leading brands keep coming up with new styles and that’s what consumers want, India has a larger population out of which a majority is driven by fashion trends so the need of products with latest trends are comparatively increasing with time in India.

With the rise of the social media, the brand receives more and more opportunities to build a personal relationship with their clients. It becomes easier for the brand to identify basic consumer needs and current trends. And also, PR consultancies help to bridge the gap between the brand and consumer as the PR firms give an appropriate identity to the brand that helps the brand to sink into the mindsets of the target audience. Public Relation consultancies ensure that the ongoing messages from the brand to their target audience are consistent, thought-provoking and useful. Since the consumer is king, it is essential to always to cater to their demands. We also understand that we cannot completely control or perfect the communication process, but we make constant efforts to refine that over time, but it will always evolve with changing needs and culture. Instead of focusing on perfecting it, we work on making Heel & Buckle London consistent across majority marketing channels. That’s how we aim on developing an instinctive gut feeling in our customers.

Many traditional communications channels like mass media, celebrity endorsements, and product placement are quickly taking a backseat to an explosion of wildly popular “influencers”. Today the most popular and effective influencers tend to be online: bloggers, YouTube stars, podcast hosts, social media entertainers, etc. These individuals are the influencers that connect to the largest audience at once and they often carry a lot of respect and sway within the targeted niche. A brand should also have a good idea of basic KPIs like brand awareness and favourability, social engagement, quality traffic driven, etc. The power of social media can never be taken for granted as various platforms of social media help in keeping the brand alive in the minds of the target audience. Also conducting surveys to know about consumer wants, needs and the expectations of the consumers from the brand, strengthens the relationship between the brand and the consumers. One to one communication trend has also been of great help for the brand to reach its goal. A simple idea of sending a personalised messages (like discounts for the birthday month or anniversary month), sending greetings and offers during festivities and lastly maintaining a good customer relationship like having personal data and purchasing habits, and preferences of the consumers.

One needs to be able to convey message quickly and efficiently and need to learn how to get to the point quickly. The fewer words you use to express the idea and the sharper you make your language, the easier and better way it is to convey the message. Learning to express clearly also helps concision. It will also make it less likely that people will misunderstand what one is trying to say. Active listening is often perceived as being more empathetic and interested in what people have to say. It helps to foster a healthier communication culture in business, and it will make one a better leader. Conversation is one of the most basic forms of communication. A simple, friendly conversation with employees can build trust and expose issues before they become serious. Learn to speak in an approachable, friendly way that you can apply to any situation. An entrepreneur’s responsibilities as a leader is varied, but from a communications perspective, the biggest responsibilities are instilling confidence, trust and passion in your team. Inspiring people through everyday messages, public and private, and retaining your poise as an entrepreneur throughout those situations is the key to achieving and maintaining a powerful image. Listening is the most important communication skill of all, since it ties into so many applications and situations. Active listening can help you converse, debate, lead, negotiate and it makes you seem more thoughtful, empathetic and invested in people around you.

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work, a strong vision and a lot of perseverance. My advice to the upcoming and promising young entrepreneurs is that an entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a desire to create it. Keep your vision clear at all times. And understand your industry well as in-depth understanding is a key to success.

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Shashank Arya
Executive Director at DAR Group
A visionary, disciplinarian and zealous entrepreneur, Shashank is looking to set a benchmark in the Indian market by making global footwear brands of great quality and style accessible to the well-travelled Indian. Helming the DAR Group as their Executive Director, Shashank thrives on challenges and problem-solving.

He launched a home-grown label Heel and Buckle London to bridge the gap between premium and luxury labels, offering shoes that are of high quality and exude sophistication and comfort. He also launched to increase the reach of footwears pan India. The prime focus of the brand is to bring good and reputed international brands, which are more futuristic and not easily available in India.

An avid traveller, Shashank believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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