Human endocrine system, popping pills and Indian spirituality

Now that we understand the significance of sitting in silence at a place connected to ourselves, listening to our own body, it’s time to get a little into the process.

Let’s understand our Endocrine System. It is made up of glands that produce and secrete hormones/chemical substances produced in the body that regulate the activity of the cells and organs, thus affecting growth, metabolism, sexual development and body functions. Together the following make up this system:-

  1. Testes in men, Ovaries in women make the reproductive glands. They are placed below the navel inside our bodies.
  2. Adrenaline glands and Pancreas. They are placed above the navel.
  3. Thymus gland is placed near our heart.
  4. Thyroid/ Parathyroid are placed near the throat region.
  5. Pituitary, hypothalamus/ Pineal glands are placed in the brain.

We live life, and invariably mess up our Endocrine system. For some it is so severe that it shows or affects their everyday functioning. Then they call it hormonal imbalance, hypo and hyperthyroidism, etc. etc. and go for medications. For others, it shows itself in more subtle forms such as obesity, lethargy, depression, feeling low in energy, losing the spark in life, etc.

Indian Spirituality, which is taken lightly and laughed upon especially by Indians (since we have been made to believe that Western Education is superior, given our own Education System and the British hangover), has a shockingly beautiful and well-developed process to realign the Endocrine System of the body. And it administers no pills. And that’s the problem.

We humans want solutions that come out of pills—fast, effective, with no efforts on our side. Afterall aren’t we all busy enough?! Indians certainly want pills. Our education system and conditioning in last seventy years since independence has made us believe that Indian Spirituality is wodoo and science has all the answers! But you only have to live with a cancer patient on a daily basis  for a year to understand that that is not true.

Moreover, spirituality makes one uncomfortable. It asks us to look into ourselves, to examine our lives, thoughts, habits, and relationships. Pills do not.

While up and mobile westerners, were fast to understand the damage that pills were doing to their bodies and turned to Indian systems, Indians themselves, who suffer greatly from low self-esteem, only catch on things once some westerner comes to teach them back what he learnt in India.

That is why these Spiritual Systems are being practiced outside India diligently, while Indians have been content popping pills. It’s time we use what our ancestors gifted us—a stupendous system to get our energy back and renew ourselves!

In the next article we will understand how the Endocrine system is realigned by this Indian form of meditation to change lives.

Shreya Narayan
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