Mental Health among Communication Professionals in India

For the last few years, I appear to have become some sort of an ‘elder’ in the communications space in India. Every so often, one of the younger‘uns would reach out for a ‘how to deal with’ or ‘what to say to’ kind of conversation. During several of these conversations, it became apparent that a lot of these discussions were the outcome of anxious moments and the taboo related to underperformance or even noncompliance of the need to be seen as hardworking.

For a lot of people in the early and middle stages of their careers, monetary benefit is the main motivator. There are others who are ambitious. Not all of us are suited to the careers we choose, yet we have no other qualification or talent that would help us achieve all those dreams. Therefore, we persist. Day after day, client meeting after client meeting. After all, the money we make is a means to the ends we seek.

Around April 2019 CIPR published its study on Mental Health of PR Professionals in the UK which pointed to the fact that a rather large number of communications professionals in the UK may have faced mental health situations. It occurred to me that some of the conversations I had with my fellow professionals might be indicative of such a situation in India as well. It was time to get a deeper understanding of the situation – hence the survey. I urge you take this survey as your participation will be invaluable to the PR/ Communications fraternity.

Mental Health Among Communications Professionals in India

Archana Muthappa
Head - Corporate Communications at Bangalore International Airport
A marketing and communication professional with over 20 years of experience PR Consulting, Corporate Communications and Marketing roles, Archana has a proven track record of excellent performance, both as employee and entrepreneur.

She specialises in integrated marketing strategy, public relations and communication strategy and implementation; brand building; media sensitisation and message development for spokespersons.

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