Redefining Public Relations in the Age of Social Media

It has become almost impossible for anyone to ignore social media these days. The digital use has bought a total revolution and has changed so much about how the world operates. Marketers these days are facing a strange issue. They do not know how to balance new media with traditional media. But one traditional medium that has managed to stay put and bridge the gap is Public Relations. 

Public Relations is what helps different businesses establish a positive reputation in the market through paid or earned communications. If we analysed the PR business 20 years ago, it worked through traditional media and in-person interaction. Now the business has evolved and kept up with the digital pace. Today we have digital, influencer, and even virtual reality. This shows how PR has developed and strengthened its position. 

Redefined Influencer Marketing 

For many years now, Influencer Marketing has been a significant hit. Brands have now started to use influencers to connect with people and customers on an intimate level. H&M, a global clothing brand, used polling tools to target their millennial population to find out their preferences and fashion needs. This way, they collected feedback from the young generation. 

Influencer Marketing is one of the main trends these days.

Multichannel PR

Reaching people has advanced from standard print, on the web and TV situations to a large number of venues. As referenced above, influencer marketing is vital to being relatable to more youth buyers. Brands can play off the influencer posts and drive new devotees to interface all separate social channels. The impression and traffic to one web article can be stepped up by associating stories and offering to various brands’ fans, regardless of whether it be through reposting business news on LinkedIn or sharing an ideal buyer confronting the press situation in Instagram Stories with a swipe-up connection. 

Today, PR must be widened to numerous channels to develop and extend the scope to target consumers. The message necessarily can’t get through the messiness when just centered around one medium.

Content Performance 

To make it to a good platform today, you need an innovative product launch or a heartwarming story. Let’s face it; your brand needs more than just a story to establish itself in various reputed platforms. It is essential to frame content in a way to target a specific audience. 

Virtual Media 

Technology is evolving every day, and artificial intelligence has become more and more famous. PR strategies in the future may begin to include searchable voice content. People already daily use a digital assistant as reminders or to know about the weather outside. Earned and paid media might be easily referenced by virtual assistants, which can target more people, quickly and efficiently. 

Modern Day Metrics 

It is not an easy task to track PR and marketing in terms of ROI. Now the time has evolved, and the advancements in digital have helped PR get modern tools for measuring success. Now, with Metric tools, companies at their fingertips can analyse the pros and cons. Now with a single dashboard, brands get the privilege of tracking things like their share of voice among competitors, accurate audience metrics, and reader engagement with content to determine which avenues and messages are successfully converting.

The examples mentioned above show that though PR is a traditional media, it has managed to adapt to the digital age and cultivated a positive reputation for itself. Unlike the rest of conventional methods, PR is not only surveying but securing its position. 


Neha Yaduvanshi
Neha Yaduvanshi is the Founder and CEO at Vastada Consulting, India's leading Public Relations firm. With over 12 years of expert experience in working with high profile brands, she has obtained a profound ability to devise leadership positioning, creative strategy, result-driven PR communication, & cut-through campaigns.

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