Fear is such an uncomfortable topic; it took me time to get to it.

Why is that so?

Because we are so full of fears, it is difficult to find the real us without the burdens of those fears.

Ingrained fears, experiential fears, imagined fears, whatever be their kind, we think that being in fear is living in reality.

Tell a person that you can live without fears, and he fears that he is being asked to live in a fairyland.

That entity you imagine as you is no one but a lifetime of accumulated fears.

When we are born, we are innocent, not fearful, ready to try anything, ready to smile at anyone, ready to run through anything. We cry, coo, scream and dance. We are un-conditioned, true.

In the Indian Chakra System, the base of the spine is considered the seat of innocence. This seat is blocked by fears. This chakra is called Muladhara (Root Chakra). It helps maintain groundedness and stability. It is depicted as a red four-petal lotus, and is related to earth elements. It is concerned with our basic Survival needs—food, sleep, sex, self-preservation. And if we continue to block our root chakra with fears, we shall mostly live in survival mode. But who wants to just survive? Don’t we all want to thrive?

We need to get over our fears in order to unblock this Chakra, and unfurl our innocence to get to that child within once again. What will one gain by being a child again? ENERGY. The energy of youth.

In order to get rid of fears, we must understand how we came to fear in the first place.

When we stepped into pouring rain for the first time as a child, we were scolded and told that we will fall sick. When we wanted to do what we wanted to do, we were told that we will be left behind in the race of life, if we did not go to school. When we failed, we were laughed upon, put down. When we came first, love and attention was showered. How did all this make us feel?

What made us feel good, we wanted to experience again. What did not feel good, we developed a fear for…we wanted to escape it.

When we fell in love and broke-up, we became careful, and refrained from giving our hearts easily. Slowly, we withheld love from others. When we married and divorced, we fell apart, and then continued living in fear of all other possibilities of life. When we were fired from a job, we felt angry, and feared shame.

Thus some fears were taught by parents, some by experience, some by no one in particular…yet we learnt, and imbibed, and stored them in our bodies, burdening it. Over time these burdens led to diseases that we acquire through fears, anxiety and controlling tactics.

But can we ever control life? What will happen if we just let go of these fears one by one…no not together…just one by one. Say we ask ourselves what do we fear most today and start on a journey to get rid of that one on a daily basis by giving it about ten minutes of our time. Is that feasible?

In the next article, we will take an example, and see how to undergo this process of ridding ourselves of unwanted emotional burdens. 

Shreya Narayan
Shreya Narayan is an actor.

She has acted in films and series like Saheb, biwi aur gangster, Rabindranath Tagore stories by Anurag Basu, etc.

Instagram - @shreyanarayanchronicles
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