Start-ups need a compelling PR approach

To evolve is to live, to change is to adjust and perform at the optimum level and to express is to communicate in a lucid manner.

Effective communication is not only important at an individual level but at the company and brand level too. Well, for brands, it is the Public Relations (PR) organisations that communicate on their behalf. Technically, PR consultancies bridge the gap between the brands in the market and their targeted customers. In the day and age of start-ups, a good PR approach becomes all the more important so as to not only help them in earning profit but sustaining themselves in the longer run.

What a compelling PR approach can do for start-ups?

  1. Build curiosity among the target group and break the clutter: In this highly competitive age, when new start-ups are mushrooming every month, the customers of any brand need to be continuously kept excited about its upcoming or existing products or services. Through unique and targeted strategies, PR consultancies can achieve the same for brands.
  2. Make noise about the brand through a consistent approach: It is not uncommon to find start-ups shutting down in merely few months. Well, of course, defective products or lack of efficient services can be considered as the prime reasons, factors such as low awareness about the product or service cannot be negated. In such a scenario, a consistent PR approach that increases brand’s visibility can come to help. PR consultancies can reach large, influential audiences and add to the start-ups’ credibility. They can tell the start-ups’ story simply, clearly and truthfully through media and make the customers look forward to the company or its products and services. Through PR firms, companies can also release exclusive information to generate positive hype and favourable reactions among customers.
  3. Engage customers with the brand: Customer engagement is the key for success of any company and start-ups are no different. PR organisations can perform this task well. A PR firm that has well-researched data about the focussed group of company’s buyers can no longer afford to be complacent with the traditional approach. It can carry the responsibility efficiently to paint the brand’s PR canvas with beautiful colours using the art of storytelling integrated with the agenda of bonding well with the future customers.
  4. Improve brand loyalty: One of the main goals of almost all businesses is to develop a loyal customer base. This also can be achieved through PR activities which are not just limited to introducing the brand’s products and promotional campaigns but can also serve as a platform through which start-ups can regularly engage with their consumers and develop a bond with them.

While PR consultancies were traditionally responsible for advertising the brand and making it adequately visible both online and offline which is not an easy task in itself, the present day scenario of cut-throat competition demands much more from them. Now, start-ups not only want a compelling PR approach for conveying their message that their customers could follow, relate to and enjoy, they also want strong and innovative methods to hit the target audience with exactly what they wish them to see, consume or experience. In fact, a combination of effective PR strategies involving techniques such as digital/online marketing, offline marketing and PR events, in the right proportion, is what is sought-after by the start-ups.

The growth of experiential PR to help start-ups further

Of late, experiential PR strategies which focus on serving the potential or targeted customers with the experiences that they crave for and wish to experience right away from their favourite brands or even the promising players that have recently entered the market, are becoming very popular. As the customers are ready to move one scale higher and get more engaged with the brands, the new ‘brands in making’ have a good chance to prove their worth and touch the hearts of the enthusiastic potential buyers with experiential PR strategies.

Thus, the need for a compelling PR approach by the start-ups to boost its image and sales in the long run cannot be emphasised enough in the highly competitive scenario at the present.

Gurdeep Kaur
Founder & Director at Highviz PR
With over 12 years of experience across various sectors Gurdeep Kaur is currently spearheading Public Relations Management for various Corporates and Start-ups with her strong team of PR professionals at HighViz PR.

Her expertise in Start-up PR management reflects the instrumental role played by her in driving significant perception building for brands like OLX, Naaptol, Goibibo etc. during their initial phase of journey. Gurdeep holds a Masters degree in Marketing Communications Management from National Institute of Advertising.

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