The journey – Part II

Till now, we thought destiny was an outcome, the end of it all. Suddenly, it has become the beginning, the trigger to desire. All this while, we thought it was the journey from desire to destiny. Suddenly, the journey has notionally reversed for us. It has become the journey of destiny to desire, destiny fueling the ambitions of desire. It brings us to the question, are we planning our destiny (uncertain future), or is our destiny (uncertain future) constantly planning us.

 Let’s try to change the starting point of this journey and see how it progresses.

 Your destiny, the uncertain future which will happen to you creates seemingly unconnected desires within you. The desires inspire you to wake up each day and act in certain ways. Every action gets you some output or results. While the output or results in the short term may not exactly be aligned to your destiny, but they are gradually taking you there.

 This brings us to a question, is destiny really an uncertain future, given that it is capable of planning and enabling your present? If it can be the reason for your present, then it must be defined and well coded. It probably is well defined, just that to us it remains uncertain, because we haven’t seen it yet, and will not see it until it arrives. The important thing to note is that it arrives. You don’t get there. It decides when and how it will be there for you. When it eventually arrives, you start to see the pattern and connect it back to your every desire that it had triggered in the first place.

 Is man in control of his destiny or is his destiny controlling him? Am I headed towards my destiny or is my destiny rushing towards me? Letting go of control is synonymous with surrender. It is like accepting your vulnerability and that you are no longer the driver of the vehicle of your life. It often leads to emotions of lifelessness, robbing you off the meaning and purpose of life. As long as there was a purpose, a goal to chase, a destiny that you could define yourself and reach one day, there was a desire to act. Now, you have been told you aren’t in control anymore. You are not driving, you are being driven. What’s the purpose? How do I inspire myself to act knowing well that I am not the man in control? Should I just forget this like I do every day and continue my life as it did, in the notion that I am in full control of my life? Or, should I remain aware and not take life as seriously as I did, giving meaning to every desire that led me to act?

 At times, people tell you that you deserve the success or the failure you get due to the actions you took. This is, however, a fallacy. People want to attribute a meaning to your success or failure. Everything must have a meaning, a purpose. Your life must have a purpose or meaning. But does it really have it or we give it? If it was already there, then it must have been in existence beforehand. We want to give everything that we see as an outcome a meaning so that it cannot be discussed further. We want to lock it permanently and stop its journey from going further. Everything must be defined, it must have a definition that can go to the dictionary. It comforts us. Changing descriptions and definitions are scary. You don’t want too many moving parts to your life, you want to fix a few things so that you can get back in control. Perhaps, a myth that you start to believe as reality with every passing success. Success, an outcome, is a product of your destiny. It makes you believe that you arrived at success whereas in reality, it may have reached you before you accessed it.

 This brings us to the unified idea of action results, not action and results separately, not one leading to the other. It is spoken in the space way as space time as a unified idea, the space time continuum. 

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