Trust Unleashed – Exploring The Power of Trust in Enhancing Reputation

The insightful session titled “The Power of Trust in Enhancing Reputation” was conducted by Rishikesh Joshi, the Founder of Sports for All. With a confession that he had dedicated thirty-three years of his life to sports, Rishikesh emerged as a true sports aficionado. His journey included a prominent role with the victorious IPL team, Mumbai Indians, where he had been overseeing the administrative setup since the franchise’s inception six years ago.

Life was good for Rishikesh, and why wouldn’t it be? Life had been flourishing indeed, and rightfully so. From a young age of five, he had been a fervent sports enthusiast, even competing in six different sports at the national level. Working with the Mumbai Indians allowed him to live the dream, collaborating with stalwarts of the game and further solidifying his passion for sports.

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“No one was paying attention to school sports – that’s the reason I started out of frustration,” he shared his realisation, which led to his entrepreneurial journey. After first-hand experience of the sports systems in India, his focus was on transforming India’s grassroots sports ecosystem. SFA is a company dedicated to unearthing talent from across the country in all Olympic sporting disciplines. They have sharply focused on transforming and mobilising school sporting championships in the country, by providing an inclusive, diverse, safe and best in class platform for the youth – to realise their fullest potential though sports. The drive is – how to achieve glory at the global level like we saw Neeraj Chopra. “We need a robust system at the formative stage,” he said with conviction.

Initially as he approached school after school, there was no positive indication. But the story changed slowly. Today, they have around 7000 schools across the country – the SFA Playground is spread all across India now.

Rishikesh shared his thoughts on new age sports and the way society needs to perceive it.

So, it was an insightful session by promoting school sports building future Olympians. To achieve something big eco system is a key – to achieve glory at the global stage, we need a robust eco system at the formative age and education and sports can go hand in hand. Conversations are always full of Insights and knowledge regarding sports, students and brands.

In a Q/A session with Neha Rastogi, Founder, Wordswork,  Rishikesh spoke about the role of trust in building a brand’s reputation. “Trust” as an intrinsic function and how to build narratives through trust. In enhancing a brand’s reputation, people are the backbone, he felt and added that the fundamental trust you build is amazing and that’s how you grow!

How can brands benefit from it in terms of reputation building? There are sponsorships, and most brands are now looking at having ground presence, he noted

What is the future grassroots level sports? He was positive and confident that when it comes to 2036 Olympics, every athlete in the Indian contingent should be touched by SFA. Rishikesh Joshi believes that society should embrace new-age sports and change people’s perception of it.

All efforts should be out to inculcate the culture and spirit of sports in schools. If you do the right things, money does follow, said Rishikesh when questioned about the commerce of his business.

Making it a frontline property is his sole aim. Here’s wishing him all the best!

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