Ways to be more optimistic at work

Time and again it has been told, rather drilled into our heads to have a positive attitude. To be optimistic. Towards life and everything else that it offers. We all have our share of ups and downs and it’s nearly impossible to be perpetually glowing with that optimism that everyone keeps chasing. But at work, it is important more than ever to have a positive outlook. Otherwise, each passing day will draw heavy, taking the life out of you. The benefits of having an optimistic outlook include better decision making, an increase in the amount of risk we are willing to take, affecting our career direction and most importantly, our performance at work. While you are trying to keep up that optimism, here are a few ways to facilitate it.

The company you keep 

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Come to think of it, there has to be an iota of truth to it. Nothing is more contagious than negativity, hence try to limit your interactions with people who communicate in a less than positive manner. Rather, make efforts to be in the company of a more optimistic set of people and their positive attitude will help you be more optimistic yourself.

Focus on being healthy

Few things affect our mental wellbeing and mood more than our physical health. We are guilty of shoving our health to the bottom of our priority list without taking into account that it affects all aspects of our life including work. Without a healthy body and a sound mind, it’s difficult to stay positive. A lack of a healthy lifestyle gives rise to stress, anxiety and a host of other health issues that leads to poor concentration and productivity. Try catching ample sleep, eating healthy and timely meals as well as having a regular exercise routine.

Set realistic goals and work towards them

Progress in our goals is a strong determinant of having more positive emotions. Positive emotions in-turn motivate us to establish goals. It’s a cycle, and when you keep fuelling it, you are also paving a way for a more satisfying work-life. Having a goal keeps you occupied and motivated. You have something to look and work towards. Moving in any direction with an eye on the future is a sign of hope and optimism.

Build relationships at work

No matter the circumstances feeding your negativity, if you are helpful and kind, people will gravitate towards you. Acknowledge, appreciate and praise others when they deserve it. The very act of praising people in a specific and sincere manner has high positive energy. Not only does it make the receiver feel good, it also inspires others to follow suit, enhancing the positivity of the workplace.

Pay attention to your surroundings

Believe it or not, having happy, positive visuals around is definitely an effective way to give your brain a boost of motivation to stay happy and positive. Spruce up your workstation with a desk plant, photos of family, anything that makes you smile. Bring in items of personal value like little notes, posters and artworks. If you spend the majority of your work time at your desk, it is even more crucial to pep up your work area.

Do something enjoyable

No matter how demanding your work is, take some time off to do something that you truly love doing. It can be taking a walk on the park across, to petting your co-worker’s dog. If you like being around people, but your work allows less collaborative work, make the effort to interact and mingle around the office. If you enjoy drinking tea, make a mini tea making ritual for yourself in office. Little things but highly effective in uplifting the mood and generating positivity.

It is believed that in order to be optimistic one has to be happy first. But, one can be optimistic, even when the situation is not favourable. Challenges will remain, situations will be unavoidable and uncontrollable, but it’s our attitude while dealing with them determines whether we will be able to overcome them or not. Having an optimistic outlook towards work and life certainly helps in tackling whatever comes our way.

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Asif Upadhye
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