When the going gets tough, hold on to your PR Wala

I’m a person who strongly believes in the fact that nothing is permanent in this world. Therefore, this ideology would apply to every sphere of my life whether professional or personal. Ups and downs are always a part of our life and the one who stands by you during your downs is considered as a true companion. Think about a situation where you decide not take your companion along, during one of your tough times – well the going only becomes tougher.

I apply the same logic to the current market situations too. Just like personal situations, the market also goes through various ups and downs. Therefore there is a high probability of the same facing more volatility and being prone to higher damages as compared to personal situations as it has more stake holders involved.

So, by default it becomes the moral responsibility of a corporate to protect the best interest of its valued customers and stakeholders from causing any sort of reparation when the going gets tough, unless you do not have any social commitments and have never spoken about being a responsible corporate. So who is that companion who goes that extra step with you during tough times?

You call us PR walas but we always try to correct ourselves as ‘Advisories’, ‘Consultants’ or ‘Reputation Managers’ because the term PR stands taller in your exclamation.

PR or Public Relations should be the key support system a responsible business house needs. It is the one team which can stand by you as a right advisor, whatever the situations may be.

We are neither advertising nor marketing but we go hand-in-hand with both. The difference is that we speak for you and the other reiterates it for you. So in a way both remain as happy couple. You may have heard the dictum – Advertising is a paid media, PR is an earned media. Going beyond the ‘earning aspect’, I would like to say PR is an adaptable and flexible approach at a far lesser cost. Cost-wise, advertising is a paid attempt to create a brand; PR is a positive attempt to be a brand. Advertising gets its share of the ‘curious’ after sustained campaigns, costing millions of rupees whereas a smart PR effort can turn curious in no time. If you want a larger audience to talk what you believe in, PR is the one and only way.

Today with the advancement of technology, Public Relations firms have started using the best analytical tools that can provide you real-time information and the best market intelligence and solutions. Therefore this avenue generates and gives you the best result-oriented output and forecast and new business prospects that have always been difficult to attain.

When the going gets tough don’t try to dissuade your PR team, hold on to them, because they are the only ones who can help you. It could be a one-man army or a battalion, but they are the ones who will do the job for you. They will create a more conducive business environment for you. During crisis situations the PR team travels that extra mile for you because by default they are trained to do that. They will create those wow factors and those edges for you, else you would have slipped through those. They will make your voice heard through or we call it ‘share of voice’ at the right forums and amongst the right target audience.

Yes we are the ones who help you to generate Accessibility, Acceptability and Accelerates your business, so you know the one to hold on when the going gets tough..it is your PR Wala!

Anil Mathews
Anil is a Public Relations professional with over 17 years of experience in the communications business. He has served few of the top PR consultancies in the country, designing and implementing some of the most successful PR campaigns and reputation management programmes for corporate houses, brands, government bodies and political parties.

Anil is widely recognized for his brand building and crisis management skills. In the past, he had handled some of the major crises in the corporate world. He has diverse experience in handling multiple sectors such as FMCG, Pharma, Retail, Steel, Cement, Banks, Commodities, Mutual Funds and Political strategies.

Anil has done major stints in leading PR firms like Adfactors PR, Perfect Relations, Ketchum Sampark, and corporates like YES Bank where he served as Senior Vice President for Marketing and Corporate Communications.

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  1. Superbly penned down Mathews ….

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