Working from home: Challenges, learnings and key things to take to the new world

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and dramatically upended the working world, creating unanticipated business and leadership challenges.  Thus, what we learn in the last few months could help shape a future of work that might have been inevitable, with or without a once-in-a-century public-health crisis.

Ironically, it all began with a whisper when a lot of us shrugged off the likelihood of moving to work from home culture out of fear. We also convinced ourselves that ‘this too shall pass’ even before we knew it. 

Soon after reality hit us hard and we found ourselves fighting with an unknown enemy who made us questioned and shook our every strategy, the most sophisticated predictive analytic tools, robust processes, which had helped us in staying ahead of every possible completion and perceived threats once upon. Our worldly perspective changed drastically, our reference of normalcy changed. We wonder once the treatment is found we will fall back to our old habits and ways of living. However, history reflects that countries that witnessed and suffered calamities and pandemics have changed for forever. 

Challenges faced by the leaders

Taking decisions and acting with assertion has never been more challenging. More than ever, leaders must be attuned to the needs of their businesses and their people, even though the stresses in their own lives may have increased during the pandemic. Thus, leaders who took a definitive approach in dealing with the situation have been able to distinguish themselves.  On the contrary, leaders who continue to operate with archaic ways of thinking, rigidity, ego, and who lack empathy, are increasingly finding it difficult to survive. 

Compassion, Honesty, empathy and support go very far away

The much-needed values of compassion and empathy are supposing higher implication as leadership attributes. How and what leaders communicate makes a lot of difference during the crises, it also sets character of the organisation. 

In my opinion, dignity, respect, fairness, and honesty will form brands in the eyes of talent. Getting vulnerable to the situation may be very easy for some in comparison to others. Therefore, addressing anxiety and providing clarity and direction to employees becomes even more crucial for leaders during the crises. 

Your team is your only valuable currency, you can have 

Amid this crisis, the one currency that will not fluctuate and be your strength is your very own team. As true leaders are observing the way to guide their teams, one should be open in sharing with them, fostering them, accepting and working with them, and co-creating the future with them. However, going through a downturn and making tough decisions to keep your company afloat is hard. But, if you lead with compassion you will touch the lives of your employees in an extraordinary way and come out of this potential slowdown stronger than ever before, augmenting the shared values of your staff. Thus, what we learnt is that it is crucial to have Ice in the belly. 

Key things to take forward to the new world

Digital skills, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and innovation will all be crucial skills post-pandemic. The challenge will be to sustain the hastily constructed structural and cultural infrastructure that fosters true creativity. Upholding the momentum for change that COVID-19 has brought, unwittingly, to the table is an opportunity to focus on the skills that enable us to build back better. Additionally, the emotional challenges are as profound as the practical ones, providing insight and wisdom that will help us adapt. We have been re-learning the value of creativity, fluidity and adaptability. When so much is still unidentified, there is no one “correct way” but a mix of ever-evolving opportunities and our persuasion to create a better future.  Hence, the objective is to thrust those likelihoods toward a dream of tomorrow. This crisis will pass. What arises next is up to us.

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Neha Bisht
Neha Bisht Bhagchandani, Co-Founder, Blue Buzz, is known for her immense contribution to the field of PR & Marketing. She has been instrumental in Brand Building & Online Market Segmentation for the biggest entertainment corporates like Zee Tv’s ‘Mind Wars’ and India’s leading Online Auction Platform ‘Bzinga’, Star Plus, Anchor Dyna Body Soap, etc. Apart from this, she has been a significant PR partner for Meghana Gulzar, Anupriya Goenka, Rashi Mal, The Beer Café, Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Kunal Kapur, etc. Her belief in a mechanism of bringing a brand to its highest potential by careful harnessing during the critical growth period is inimitable.

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