Data + Insights + Creativity = Winning Campaigns

When you have examples of such exemplary case studies, no one can undermine the power of analytics. Deepshikha Dharmaraj, CEO, Genesis BCW shared some insightful strategies on mapping analytics to tell a powerful story at the AMEC Virtual Global Summit on Measurement, this year.

Aligning with the theme of Communication Accountability: Planning, Purpose and Proof, the talk strengthened my belief on the fact that when you build strong narratives using data,  which when intelligently and creatively interpreted can manifest into a powerful purpose–driven campaign.

Case in point here is the journey of ‘Pro Kabbadi League’– a tough rural contact sport in a cricket obsessed nation like India purely built on data and actionable insights with consistent message keeping the end target audience in mind.

In a country which is not known for its multi sporting culture, Star Sports was instrumental in bringing this rugged regional sport to the forefront which went to become the most watched show in the country beating the FIFA world cup.

Some key highlights of the talk:

  • Challenge in promoting the sport, which is typically popular in the rural setting among urban audience, making it more visually appealing and richer in content
  • Data supported the fact that women and children also watched the show, hence widening the audience reach with varied target groups like women and children
  • Perception that the sport is only for men and women are too weak – #CrossTheLine campaign was born– encouraging women to participate, elevate conversations around women from all walks of  life
  • Bringing the audience closer to the players – make them their hero, make them relate to their life – encourage young talent, create a career option #Issethoughkuchhnehi
  • A non-sporting game receiving a spectacular sponsorship deal by Vivo thereby increasing the valuation of the players and taking the game to the next level of competition

What worked?

Three main aspects that worked in creating winning elements using data insights and creativity

  • Creative story telling –A strategic communication approach leveraging the story telling based on real research, tapping on what the audience wanted to see and hear
  • Make the players heroes – highlight their life, challenges, fitness aspect, make them aspirational
  • Strong media engagement plan – Created a ‘Heroes writers program’ – tapped on the media that were interested in stories of grit and passion. Sports viewership data such as reach, gender, and region were further sharpened and leveraged pre, during and post the campaign.

In conclusion, when you unlock the power of data and unleash the magic of creativity, you get a powerful, purpose-driven story – illustrated beautifully by Deepshikha about a rural rustic contact game built into an international sport in six years – Pro Kabbadi League.

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Sarika Chavan
Sarika Chavan is a public relations professional with over 15 years of work experience.

Sarika has previously had stints with with Weber Shandwick as Vice President - Client Experience, Adfactors PR, Text100 (now Archetype) and Perfect Relations. With keen observation and analytical skills, Sarika has successfully led PR campaigns for key brands across multiple sectors by leveraging her strength and expertise in the communications arena.

She is a post graduate in communications from Xavier Institute of Communications. She is based in Mumbai and in her free time loves to spend time with her daughters, play with her dogs, read and travel.

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