Forming the habit of looking inside

Whenever things do not go as we want, we either fear or try to flee the situation. And then either blame someone, or feel guilty for not being able to do things our way. If it is connected to achievement, we immediately feel like a loser. If it is to do with relationship, we feel heartbroken, rejected, unloved. In either case, we start feeling that the world has been conspiring against us. Or better still, if we believe in God, we rue his unfairness. And if we do not believe in God, we think of how to put it all on government of the day. Especially if a boyfriend has rejected us, we shift the focus on government, apathy, global warming or a rogue conglomerate.

Yup it is anything and everything in the world, except us.

But not anymore with those who are taking this little journey with me.

Since last few weeks, we have been trying to sit at a place, to meditate, to look within. A habit of looking within brings us to the world that really matters. Our world – this body, this mind, this spirit, and it’s connection to the Universe.

Just sitting and closing our eyes to the outside – that job, that relationship, this issue, that politics, etc. takes the focus to our own core. That out of control world outside, starts to be what it truly is – the world outside. Before it can find relevance through our raised consciousness again.

With the focus on the inside, we start to find our light again. Literally, visibly, we can envision a ball of light inside us, maybe in the middle of our chest, or in the middle of our brows, wherever it feels heavy. That light can take away the darkness that has seeped into us through years of living, and layer upon layer of accumulated experiences.

As we do this, we must commit to look inside our own selves, our own being for every bout of anger or excitement, for every sensation of pain or joy, for every disappointment, for every smile.

What made me feel good?

What was that?



How come?

Do I want to feel good?

Is it coming out of childhood conditioning, or is this feeling good coming from my own being?


What do I do that does not make me feel fine?

Or, maybe who?

Who leaves me feeling anxious?

What do they say? Or perhaps do not say?

Is it because I do not feel enough that I get triggered?

Or, am I in the lack mentality, fearing with nothing to fear?

As we start to SIT … In SILENCE. Turning the lights on inside our own bodies and minds,  We start forming the habit of looking inside us. For everything. And quit blaming others, for all our woes.

That’s the beginning of the greatest journey of life that we will ever venture on.

Shreya Narayan
Shreya Narayan is an actor.

She has acted in films and series like Saheb, biwi aur gangster, Rabindranath Tagore stories by Anurag Basu, etc.

Instagram - @shreyanarayanchronicles
YouTube Channel - Let'sTalk@shreyanarayanchronicles.

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