Pros and Cons of Social Media

One of the most revolutionising moments in the 21st century has been the worldwide accessibility to the Internet. The Internet is reshaping how we share and receive information in this era. Social Media was established with the rise in the use of Internet by entrepreneurs who could foresee the potential of this industry. Nowadays, people learn more about what’s happening around the world through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter rather than traditional news sources. Many news apps are also increasingly becoming popular like News in Shorts, Inpex and even traditional news channels and newspapers have their own apps. Social media has changed how we live our lives and has affected how nearly every industry conducts their business. People use this platform to stay informed, be entertained, and to keep in touch with their family and friends. These networks have become a huge phenomenon, as it has been estimated by researchers that there will be around 2.95 billion social media users by 2020. There are numerous pros and cons of the social media industry. It’s beneficial to know the lucrative and challenging aspect of this industry to help you better prepare on what to expect.

Pros of Social Media

Exercise Creative Freedom – The social media industry helps to enhance one’s creativity. As creating unique and original content helps to grab the attention of target audiences. This not only benefits the company but helps the employees to develop and enhance their skills which will be fruitful for them in the long run. The industry comprises of creative and experienced people who you can learn from while working with them. It is a satisfying learning experience to be a part of industry that celebrates creative liberty.

Career Opportunities – Job opportunities are available for individuals of different skill sets, personalities and educational backgrounds. The only essential prerequisite which is required to be in the social media industry is to have an excellent command over the English language and out-of-the-box thinking.

Worldwide Accessibility – The social media industry is not hindered by geographic boundaries i.e. a person based out of India can help monitor or create social media content of various organisations situated abroad. Social media provides a global platform to connect with people from different walks of life to get the company’s key message across.

Learning Experience – Social media is a dynamic profession to be associated with as there is something new to learn every day, a new challenge to overcome. The industry is ever-changing and keeping up with the new trends is imperative to stay ahead of the competition. It is extremely important to stay at par with the latest developments in the industry.

Cost Effective – The reason why social media has become such a popular and indispensible tool is that it is a cost-effective medium for any type of business to implement. Social media, with its massive reach, may be the most effective way to promote your business online without investing a lot of money and is a quicker way to reach out to the masses.

Cons of Social Media

Deadlines – The social media industry conducts operations in real-time which mean that fulfilling deadlines are of the utmost priority. This can lead to a stressful work environment with the constant pressure to meet deadlines. Once the news is old it becomes useless for social media.

Limited Job Security – This industry is mainly focused in the private sectors and is constantly changing, expanding and restructuring. The industry has limited job security which can make one expect to change jobs and sometimes even relocate to other cities.

Long working hours – Don’t expect this industry to follow the standard pattern of a 9 to 5 job. With vital client deadlines looming over you would have to work long and odd hours to complete the task at hand. Even though it may seem hectic to keep up with the pressure, it gives you a satisfying feeling to do something that you are passionate about.

Ever-changing Landscape – Social media is a dynamic industry which is constantly evolving. To work in this industry you should be well versed with what’s happening on these platforms. For instance, Twitter recently announced they would be doubling their character limit to 286 words, Facebook changing its advertising policies in which advertisers won’t be able to edit the headlines of promoted news content. Another news that recently did rounds was Facebook working towards linking Instagram stories with Facebook stories and also through the comments feature users will be made aware if their friends are online. Keeping the same in mind it then becomes imperative to tweak your social media strategy according to the ever-changing industry.

Constant Evolving – Keeping up with new trends, upgrades and innovation can prove to be like a double-edge sword. At times it is good to learn new things but the constant up-gradation in knowledge of software, user interfaces i.e. the technical side of the business can become a hassle. One has to subsequently brush – up everything you thought you were well-versed in a short amount of time. By the time you master one trend something new emerges in the market, it is exciting and challenging at the same time.

Neha Bajaj
Founder & Director at Scroll Mantra Pvt Ltd
A versatile and passionate professional with a strong inclination towards operational excellence and media intelligence, Neha has over a decade of experience in the marketing and communication sector.

Prior to starting her own firm she has headed the marketing and communications function for several Indian and Global companies. She has a strong expertise in sectors across Entertainment, Consumer Lifestyle, Legal, Corporate and Finance.

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