Role of Internal Public

Internal Public Relations in perspective refers to those who work and have a role in an organization such as employees, management and their family members. In addition also refers to the union that lives and thrives in a company or organization. Last, but not least, shareholders of the company, commonly known by the public stockholders. The internal components of the public is a collection of individuals who regularly meet and interact with the PR.

The internal components of public have contribution to the success of an organization. There is an interesting phrase, the human resources of the company or organization is the most valuable asset, more valuable than any other capital. Actually, the phrase was not a barrage of cliché.  The content of the phrase is having an expression of the most important implications for improving the quality and welfare of employees (human resources).

There are many ways you can do to support the development of quality human resources, for example, through training, informal education, employee rotation system, promotion, and so on. At least, after joining the organization, they are getting a lot of knowledge or experience regarding various things. Thus, organizations or companies, become a ‘learning organization’ for each individual involved or working in it.

On the other hand, the organization is responsible for improving the welfare of its employees or management. That effort could be done for example through the application of the system of remuneration, bonuses, allowance, insurance and retirement program are needed by the employees.  Of course there are many other activities that can be done, which will strengthen the sense of pride from the employees of the company or organization because their prosperity can be met by their organization. The issue is, what can be done by Public Relations in this context?

Honestly, many PR practitioners tend to assume responsibility for the management and development of internal public as if it is purely HR.  In fact, actually not the case. The role of public relations as a management function will obviously be increasingly needed in the context of human resource management. Therefore, the cooperation between public relations and human resources has to be close, nevertheless has to be based on the authority of each department. In connection with this, PR role is to explain a variety of information, especially regarding matters that are important to be known to all members of the organization, as an internal public. For example, information relating to the regulation issued by the management, say relating to the regulation of working hours, how to dress and behave, organizational ethics, retirement systems and so on, that are binding on all members of the organization.

Information relating to regulations / laws issued by the Government is relevant and binding on the employees as internal public. For example the Act concerning the retirement system, layoffs, work safety and other regulations set by the Government, would need to be socialized and to be understood by all members of the organization.

PR also plays a role in conveying information related to increase the familiarity among employees for example family gatherings, organization anniversary, and so on. Practically, some companies are already running well their public internal strategy, but many were not aware of what and how the implementation of the public internal program. PR parties must design a communication system with a variety of media devices, so that all the information that is important for the internal public, socialized properly.

PR and Human Resource should establish good cooperation amongst each other based on their respective authorities. The partnership will help improve / enhance the image of the organization / company among the internal public.

Prita Kemal Gani
Prita Kemal Gani is an Influential Public Figure in Indonesia. Her educational background and her experiences in the PR industry in Indonesia and abroad has made her very keen and passionate in Public Relations. This passion gave birth to the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta. Now in its 23 years of existence.
She was the first woman President of Public Relations Association in Indonesia (PERHUMAS) in the years 2011 – 2014. She initiated the Declaration of ASEAN PR Network (APRN) in 2014 to welcome the upcoming AEC 2015.

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