Small Steps PR Communicators should take before the Year End

The year end is an important time for businesses across sectors and today, with more and more business leaders turning their focus to Public Relations as a communication tool, year- end becomes equally important for PR communicators too.

This is the time to review past efforts and set- up new goals & objectives, which could help you to formulate a plan to achieve optimum mileage in the media for your clients. So, let’s take a quick look on a few small yet significant steps that could help you in this effort.

Review organisational growth

Analysing PR strategies and your entire PR journey throughout the year will help define organisational growth. This is a strategic imperative that drives high performance and growth, and sets the right tone for the upcoming year as well. Reviewing your goals, objectives and measurable results adds a fresh perspective and is a mandatory practice which will reward you with improved decision making and better PR results. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re never going to get there; even the best PR strategy needs constant tweaking. You need to measure your results and put more efforts into what is working for your organisation and ditch the practices that get you nowhere.

Client feedback

The next crucial step is to look towards maintaining or raising customer satisfaction through client feedbacks. Conversations and responses from your client can be an invaluable part of your marketing strategy. In today’s competitive world, winning new customers and retaining existing ones is getting harder. In such a scenario, PR consultancies that offer effective PR solutions – Solutions that make clients come back to you and refer you to others is the best way to stand out from the competition. Moreover, businesses that intertwine development with client feedback are the ones that derive maximum success.

Address loopholes

Acknowledging and addressing the loopholes is a very crucial assignment which should be followed in order to seek organisational improvement. The feedback shared by the client or any third party associate should be carefully dealt with and more importantly, it should be worked upon in order to avoid making it a repetitive affair. Loopholes, if not dealt with at an early stage might end up becoming a hindrance or an obstacle thus leading to a bigger challenge to address.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is a good management practice and should be followed as it reinforces the vision of the company. Also, planning helps the team to understand the focus of the company and motivates them to think bigger and brighter.  From the client’s perspective, planning ensures focus on the project undertaken and builds faith about eagerness to deliver productively. The feeling of progress on the plan undertaken surely makes one feel more optimistic and keeps one going.

Extend gratitude

Gratitude by meaning says, “take nothing for granted”. Extending Gratitude is a way of looking for that right opportunity and appreciating the efforts of people who have been with you. This appreciation is sometimes more cherished and more worthwhile.  Being thankful is also a skill which organisations should embark in its team members and the only way to do so is “By doing it yourself first”.

Media Mantra

Pooja Pathak
Pooja Pathak is the Co- founder and Director at Media Mantra.

She is a successful entrepreneur with immense creativity and business acumen which assists her to undertake diverse roles in life, including that of a businesswomen, a lecturer and a mother of two lovely kids.

Pooja is a multifaceted personality and a patron of art, culture, education and women empowerment.

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