Planning a PR Campaign for a new business launch

Its no new knowledge that when launching a new business, a well-planned marketing strategy is an important aspect to focus on.

Creative use of PR is critical
You have to find the approach that’s best for your launch, and Public Relations can help you successfully launch a new product or business. When thinking about how to approach PR, it’s best to include as many diverse techniques as possible. That’s the best way to maximise the influence of your PR campaign.

To add to this, a well thought out Public Relations plan can help your new business grow by fostering goodwill with prospective customers. This is very essential for a new organisation or product/service. Crafting a PR campaign involves a combination of diverse activities. For instance, the activities could include – using media effectively to promote your product through news and reviews, supporting a cause and building your reputation as a professionally responsible brand. A well-designed PR campaign can help you reinforce your credibility in the market; it can attract repeat customers also, since branding is all about customer perception; and, again, PR can play a significant role in earning the trust of your target audience.

Here are four steps for new businesses to run a successful PR campaign!

  • Identify your goals to select the right PR tool

The first step towards designing a PR campaign is to define your primary goal for launching the Public Relations plan. It will help you choose the most efficient and relevant tool. For instance, if your goal is building reputation for your new business, you need to identify how you want to create a positive, professional aura around your company. This you can achieve by using  press releases or social media platforms, webinars, podcasts and so on. If your primary step is to attract and develop lasting customer-relationship, you can use kick off by coming out with product reviews, articles in dailies and magazines; you could also use engaging blog posts around your products or business to build customer trust.

  • Conduct research on potential customers and reach out to them

Get to know your potential customers and reach out to them proactively – this is the second step. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of your target audience would contribute to working out a more result-oriented PR campaign. If your audience are the millennials, then using print media for PR won’t help; instead use YouTube videos about your product, create a Facebook event, tweet or use Snapchat.  The more you understand your potential customers’ behavior and inclinations the more successful your PR campaign will be.

  • Follow trends and constantly update your social media presence

It is likely to attract more customers for your business, if you follow social media trends. If for instance, you see a trend of businesses engaging customers through contests, then update your pages with interesting contests.  You can also take advantage of surveys and statistics and use them for your PR Campaign.

  • Sync your PR campaign with marketing to hit success

Combining your PR campaign with marketing will certainly help you get in more customers; and you can also earn their loyalty. Another advantage of using PR for marketing your products/service is that you are likely to save money that is spent on doing research and content marketing. You can also incorporate your webinars, press releases and other PR material into e-mail marketing for showcasing your reputation as competent, reliable and professional.

And, finally, comes in the measurement. Evaluate the results of your PR Campaign, regularly, to get maximum mileage.

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Shree Lahiri
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