The Indian Chakra Meditation System, and Emotions

The Chakra Meditation system is that gift of the Indian Spiritual System, through which we can service, realign and renew the Endocrine System of our body. Chakra literally means ‘Wheel’. And since all Indian Spiritual Systems are dedicated to reach the divinity in us, it also addresses becoming our best selves through Cosmic/Universal Connection.

The Chakra Meditation System consists of:

  1. Muladhara/Root chakra, located at the base of the spine, and is considered the Seat of Innocence. It is blocked by Fears, and thus deals with our basic survival needs.
  2. Swadhisthan/ Sacral Chakra, lies below the navel, and is considered the seat of Creativity and Sexuality. It is blocked by blames and guilts.
  3. Manipura/ Solar Plexus Chakra, lies above the navel, and is the seat of Action/Power. It is blocked by Shame.
  4. Anahata/Heart Chakra, lies near the heart, and is the seat of love. It is blocked by pain/heartbreak/ loss/death.
  5. Vishuddhi/Throat Chakra, lies in the throat area, and is the seat of Communication/Unique voice. It is blocked by the ‘Lies that we tell ourselves’.
  6. Ajna/ Third Eye/ Forehead Chakra, lies behind the forehead, and is seat of Awareness/Intuition/Truth. It is blocked by Ego and Illusions.
  7. Sahasrara/Crown Chakra lies on the crown, and is the seat of Cosmic Connection. It is blocked by Worldly Attachments.

The important thing to notice here is that Emotions determine the Endocrine System, as per the Indian Spiritual Systems. Emotions…which we have been asked to overlook since childhood, in the name of achievements, career, ambition, money, etc.

It is disconcerting to know that our ancestors spent thousands of years understanding and perfecting something, which had been rejected by us. And now that rejection is showing itself in form of diseases, which we are hoping to cure through pills.

I know it is painful to delve into emotions. It is convenient not to face them. And it is even more convenient not to face them, and pop a pill instead. I wish that worked. But anyone on medication will tell you that popping pills does not provide lasting solutions.

One always has to go to the source, if lasting solutions are desired. And the source is to address the fear that raises it’s head each day, to address the blames that we sit upon, guilts that kill us each day, the shame that we feel secretly, the heartbreak that corrodes our inside, the lies that we have to tell ourselves to make life liveable, the ego masks that we wear to feel important, and Maya that we live in through worldly attachments.

In the next article we shall see, how to use this system to become our bestest selves.

Shreya Narayan
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