The Business of PR

The communications business has grown leaps and bounds. For me, public relations refers to the ability of an organisation to take control of the PR message that is being relayed to the general public and aim to get the word out before anything bad can occur.

Eager to learn new skills, I think my journey has been an adventurous one from managing client reputation to crisis management. Encountering new experiences every day and delivering results has entirely made me a different person.

In fact, everything that you take up both personally and professionally comes with challenges; sometimes they turn up as an advantage and at times as a disadvantage! It totally depends upon you, how you really take them. Bigger challenges have inspired me to work harder and the result has always been rewarding.

Until not long ago, PR practitioners were looked upon as manipulators who will do anything to sell a story. However, the perception today has changed. PR is now perceived as a goodwill exercise that every company should follow. People are willing to explore new communication tools that best fit their brand presence.

While I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future of the communications business, there are different trends that give us a glimpse of what’s to come. With the social media booming, several tactics applied few years back don’t even exist now; the world is changing, so is the way to do business.

Create your own niche

Today, every business and client wants to position themselves differently, so that it sets them apart from their competitors – creating their own niche. Niche Communication is essential today, as it helps you identify and your target potential clients and partners to work with. You are better known as an expert in your own niche. Niche communication messages create remarkable brands. For example: Brand Modi, I think, the Prime Minister’s remarkable PR campaign and Digital campaign gave a momentum to the dated political communication, unforeseen for years. Niche communication actually boils down to – who you really want to be: a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?

The Millennials

Today, there are a lot of millennials entering the business, with so much of enthusiasm and interest. And I am elated to work with them. It’s more of an exchange of information, as we both learn from each other. These entrants have great potential as they are equipped with skills the business is looking for, but my advice to them is – in this fast-spaced digital age, the key to PR success still lies in maintaining good relations with media. It may sound old school, but the key is to take best of the old, blend it with the present and have a process of effective communication, that results in a successful campaign!

Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta is the Manager, Media Relations, Wizspk.

He has been instrumental in building brands through thought leadership campaigns. Clued into industry dynamics and media management now, it helps him get news even before it’s done, which he thinks incidentally, is what sets a good PR person apart!

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