How entrepreneurs can avoid PR oversights

The importance of incorporating Public Relations (PR) is becoming increasingly evident in the business, especially in the entrepreneurial arena. However, despite innumerable benefits of PR, entrepreneurs are still divided between two camps – few who are holding back on PR and others who jump into PR without prior information about this branch of communication.

While the first group of people are affected since in this era, public relations isn’t a choice but a necessity, they slowly dawn upon the merits of PR. For the latter group, PR is a hard cookie as they stumble upon pitfalls before facing success, on a monumental level. The business is intrinsically a game of monetary wins, where the revenue scale decides victory or defeat. So, before jumping into the mistakes, let us first understand why organisations should opt for PR:

  • To build an enhanced sense of Product Awareness
  • To channel in an upsurge of interest amongst the consumers
  • To target special events that samples the product/service
  • To encourage an environment of providing information
  • For stimulating demand which invariably leads to an increase in sale
  • To reinforce and invigorate brand presence amongst competitors
  • To position business at the helm of affairs

The above mentioned tasks may seem comprehensive but in reality, require the perfect mix of un-wavered dedication and industry smarts, for apt execution. Unnecessary wastage of capital chugged into incorrect routes may pose as a setback for any organisation on a larger scale. Capital is an essential part of the process and entrepreneurs should aim at saving the most while being rewarded with bolstering output. Hence, a wrong mix of PR can call out to be a death knell for the organisation. So, let me take you through a few mistakes that entrepreneurs can easily avoid.

  • The influx of media channels may lead to confusion – Technological advancements are making way for newer methods to merge with traditional mediums. This onslaught of a myriad channels may often confound and deviate entrepreneurs from choosing the right voice for their organisation. Entrepreneurs should zero down on the right, innovative channels that would highlight their product/services, leading to added visibility. Taking newer routes can lead to larger coverage and newer audiences tapped.
  • The crux of the message being lost in interpretation – PR professionals disseminate valuable information on the brand to various media outlets through their channel of reporters and informers, who then broadcast the information. It so happens that in this process the root of the promotion often gets lost, when the message gets diluted or incorrectly conveyed. As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Entrepreneurs should have a clear vision of what exactly they want to convey and also sensitise their PR team on the same.
  • Demanding prompt, visible results – PR is a child of audience engagement and hence, is not of a one-time-trial nature. One needs to constantly invest in PR to note viable results, which entrepreneurs often forget, at the hype of promotions. Rushing over executions could prove to be detrimental as every plan needs an opportune moment to pull off. Patience is the key as a well-thought PR plan doesn’t guarantee immediate results, but are benefitting in the longer run. Additional information of various PR tools help too.

Education and awareness are the keys to avoiding the above pitfalls. Lack of awareness often urges entrepreneurs to go gung-ho on operations, without foresight about its long-term results. Here lies the requirement to choose the right PR firm to represent them. A well-executed PR campaign, launched by a capable team, leaves a long-lasting impact in the minds of the consumer. An intricately crafted PR message can elevate the brands, so as the famous brand forum puts it succinctly – choose wisely.

Pooja Pathak
Pooja Pathak is the Co- founder and Director at Media Mantra.

She is a successful entrepreneur with immense creativity and business acumen which assists her to undertake diverse roles in life, including that of a businesswomen, a lecturer and a mother of two lovely kids.

Pooja is a multifaceted personality and a patron of art, culture, education and women empowerment.

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